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Pia bietet ab Juli wieder 1:1 Breathwork Sessions in Hamburg an - buche dir   hier   deinen Termin.


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– The Power of your Breath

Your breath is the deepest connection to yourself.
And a direct reflection of how you live your life.

„Breath is  the bridge, which connects life to consciousness.“

– Thich Nhat Hanh

You breathe in every moment of your life without consciously needing to do anything. Your breath changes all the time, adapting to bodily sensations or external stimuli. It changes and adapts dynamically to whatever you experience in your life, second by second. This enables you to react appropriately to any given situation – without any effort to think about how to breathe.

But – the natural flow and this dynamic capacity to adapt can be influenced by life experiences that are challenging or painful for us: trauma, accidents, separation, physical injuries, even seemingly ‚small‘ situations that leave an imprint on you.

Whenever we go through an experience and cannot fully process it, it’s very likely that this will have an impact on your nervous system and breathing. These memories are stored as breathing patterns in the body and have the potential to change how you breathe – as well as your perception of life, other people and life itself. 

Breathwork regulates your nervous system, creates more balance and inner harmony

Breathing patterns are always created for a good reason, for example to protect you in a dangerous situation. This is beautiful and very helpful – unless these breathing adaptions ‚get stuck‘ in your system and consequently change how your breathe. 

This is where Breathwork comes in:

We use a connected breath to enter trance-like and altered states of consciousness to get out of the thinking mind and into our body. These states make it possible that memories and their respective breathing patterns can emerge from the subconscious – so we can relive, complete and/or correct them. To create more space, expansiveness and freedom within yourself and for your life.  

The intersting thing is:

Changes that occur in Breathwork can directly impact your life – and affect for example how you breathe in your daily life (and sleep), how you react to challenging situations or how you perceive life itself.

How you breathe is how you live.

Edward Dangerfield,
Founder Breathwork Bali

Facilitated Breath Repatterning (FBR) and the effects of Breathwork

The Breathwork technique that I work with is called Facilitated Breath Repatterning’ (FBR). This approach was created by Edward Dangerfield/Breathwork Bali with a strong emphasis of working with and regulating the nervous system. 

Within this technique, we combine a connected breath with body- and touch work as well as energy work to create more ease and flow for your breathing. 

As a Breathwork facilitator, I am trained to read your breathing patterns and nervous system – and to tailor the Breathwork session accordingly to your needs. We do not ‚push‘ anyone out of their capacity, work trauma aware and with great awareness that sustainable, lasting changes sometimes needs small steps.

Working with your breath and nervous system always affects al levels of your being: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. Every Breathwork Journey is different – and in my experience, whatever is ready to be looked at and come to surface, will present itself.

Possible effects are:

  • Deeper connection to yourself, your body and soul
  • More empathy and compassion for others (and yourself)
  • Self-understanding and clarity why you react when and to which triggers
  • Increased self-consciousness and courage to stand up for yourself to live the life that’s truly aligned for your
  • Connection to your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Mental clarity, focus and stability 
  • Inner balance and harmony
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Increased lung capacity

Common questions about Breathwork/FBR

Is there a difference between Breathwork and Pranayama?

„Pranayama“ mean the ancient breathing techniques from the Yogic traditions. Those can be very powerful, but always involve and active mind to control and work with the breath in a certain way. When I speak of Breathwork, I refer to connected breathing with the intention to get out of the mind into your body. When we crate space and allow the body to lead, we can access the subconscious – which is generally not possible when we use the active, controlling mind.

Can I practice Breathwork online?

Since I work with a lot of physical touch, bodywork and the nervous system, I only offer Breathwork Sessions in person. Because these sessions can be quite intense and open emotionally challenging topics, I prefer to be in the same room with my client and support him/her with my physical presence.

Can’t I just breathe by myself? Do I need a facilitator?

I strongly recommend to breathe with a trained Breathwork practitioner since we never really know what shows up and arises within a Breathwork session. Personally, I find it very important to have support and someone with you that creates a safely held space for you and your experience.

Is Breathwork safe? What creates safety?

The way how I practice and offer Breathwork is very safe because I am trained to work with your nervous system and read the signals of your body – so I can guide you through the experience in a way that’s within your personal window of tolerance. I work very mindfully and trauma aware. Breathwork has the potential to support you in re-integrate challenging experiences, trauma etc. by creating a safe space where these memories can be processed and re-evaluated.

How can I learn more about Breathwork?

I created a free guide called ‚BREATH‘ which includes some interesting information and facts about Breathwork, including an overview of the different styles and categories. Furthermore, the guide includes some resources that you can use to deepen your understanding on knowledge of Breathwork. Please send me an email or a message on Instagram to receive this free guide.

Feedback of recent clients

  • „Through my first experience with other breathing techniques in a group, I had an idea that a personally accompanied Breathwork Journey could support me on my way. With Pia, I was able to experience a Breathwork journey lasting several months that moved me at the deepest level. Pia followed her intuitive impulses in our sessions and thus created magical healing moments for me. She provides a special protected space in which everything can be. I always felt very safe, seen and lovingly accompanied. So I could feel everything, show myself in my vulnerability and let go. I feel peaceful and deeply grateful! I can only recommend working with Pia to everyone! “

  • „I was on a journey of self-discovery before I started working with Pia. I’d hit a spot where I struggled to dive deeper. I did not have any experience with Conscious Connected Breathwork before working with Pia. She gave me the perfect introduction, which included creating a safe haven for me. Not at one point did I feel like I could be doing something wrong. After one session with Pia I already felt more comfortable in my own body. This feeling of welcomeness towards my whole being increased throughout the sessions. The connection I felt towards Pia as a facilitator was otherworldly and I am so grateful that I decided working with her.“

  • „Ever since I heard about Breathwork I‘ve been curious and wanted to try it. I‘m super happy that this experience started with Pia. She holds the space for her clients in a super professional, gentle, and kind way. You can tell that she loves what she is doing. That’s what makes working with her extra special. My breathing deepened a lot since my first Breathwork session and I am able to hold space for myself in a new kind of way. I also had some major shifts on a personal level like trusting in myself and my abilities as well as setting boundaries in my life in just a few sessions. I highly recommend Pia‘s Breathwork sessions and working with her in general. She knows just the right things to say in the right moment and guides you safely through the sessions. Thank you, Pia!“

  • „I had my my first one-on-one Breathwork sessions with Pia which focused more on my personal issues and also more bodywork oriented. All sessions were very different from one another: What they in common was that I felt very calm and relaxed afterwards and that Pia was always very present. We shared a strong bond during those sessions and it felt like she always knew what I needed in every moment – a touch in the right spot, choosing a certain song or guiding me to breathe less or more deeply into certain areas. I would recommend to my friends, or anyone really, to go breathe with Pia if you’re looking to feel better in life and experience deep healing.“


    Your Breathwork experience

    Are you interested in exploring Breathwork? Simply get in touch so we can get to know each other and find out how we can work together. Please note that I only offer Breathwork sessions in person. Since real, lasting change often needs time, I recommend to work together for an extended period of time with a set of multiple sessions:

    Single Sessions

    1×2 Hours Breathwork

    260 Euro

    4 Session Package

    4×2 Hours Breathwork

    1.000 Euro

    6 Session Package

    6×2 Hours Breathwork

    1.500 Euro

    8 Session Package

    8×2 Hours Breathwork

    1.920 Euro
    It is possible to combine Breathwork with some Life Coaching sessions. Please message me so I can create a persoanlised offer for you.

    My gift for you:

    Free Breathwork Guide ‘BREATH’

    In this guide, you will finde some interesting insights about Breathwork and get to know the different Breathwork categories. Furthermore, I’ve created a list with additional resources that support you in deepening your understanding and knowledge about Breathwork.

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