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Pia bietet ab Juli wieder 1:1 Breathwork Sessions in Hamburg an - buche dir   hier   deinen Termin.


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The core intention of my work is to support you in each given moment in the best possible way to live the life that you desire. 
It is possible that we touch into sensitive topics and that big shifts are kicked off that may not always be easy.

I am here for you with my loving presence and incorporate my own experiences as well as a variety of different tools & techniques into my work. My education and background include training in: Breathwork, Nervous system regulation, Coaching, Body and touch work, Energy work, Emotional Release therapy, Mindfulness practices and Meditation. 

I want to state that I do not hold a medical or psychological degree – and can therefore neither diagnose you, nor prescribe any medication or guide you through highly challenging processes that require a different level of medical or psychological support and/or care.

When you decide to work with me, you need to be aware of my training background as well as the mentioned limitations.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that you are responsible for your own well-being and health. I am here to support you but you are still in charge of making sure that you are well – physically, mentally and emotionally. If you feel overwhelmed or like you need additional support, please reach out to me so we can assess if further assistance or a different kind of support is required (e.g. to look a properly trainer psychotherapist).