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Exploring Breath and Nature

Elemental Resonance Retreat


1. – .6 September 2024

Our intention for this retreat

A space to breathe and reconnect with yourself & nature

Imagine a time and a place with no need to perform, rush, succeed, prove, or compete.
A sanctuary where you’re welcomed exactly as you are. Where you are fully accepted and encouraged to authentically express and be yourself. 

This retreat invites you to come back home to yourself

Through Breathwork and self-inquiry you will gain insights and a deeper understanding of the beliefs, programs, incomplete stress cycles and thoughts that shape your reality.
You will have the chance to connect to and feel into emotions and past experiences that still weigh on your heart and soul, so those can be released, completed and integrated. An invitation to embrace both – your light and shadow –  weaving them together into wholeness.

Conscious movement practices help to ground you in your body, releasing any tension and quietening the mind. Meditations will root you back into being present with the now and tune into your inner wisdom. Connecting with nature allows you to unwind, recharge, and feel a sense of oneness. Being in community and sitting in circle creates a sensed feeling of belonging.

The ‘Elemental Resonance Retreat’ gives space for your true essence to be seen, heard and expressed. For authenticity and integrity, for depth and acceptance.
For clarity and trust, for self-love and empowerment.


The golden thread of this retreat is our Breathwork practice that we return to daily with a sacred Breathwork ceremony.

The approach we work with is called FBR – which is essentially a unique way of combining Conscious Connected Breathing with Bodywork. This modality integrates insights from neuroscience and breathing mechanics while recognizing the profound impact of past life experiences, conditionings and trauma on the well-being of the human body, psyche and soul. 

This practice allows us to tap into our subconscious and to transcend the limitations of the mind allowing us to reconnect to the deeper wisdom within (more about Breathwork here).

Guided by the elements


In addition to the powerful in-depth exploration of Breathwork, our journey will be complemented by a variety of rituals and practices that connect us to nature’s elements. Each day is dedicated to immerse ourselves in the wisdom of one element and to work with its unique qualities and teachings.

From grounding in the stability of earth to cleansing and purifying with the flow of water, igniting our inner strength with the fire’s energy, and expanding our consciousness with the freedom of air, each element offers a pathway to profound self-discovery and healing.


“When you bring your attention to a stone, a tree or an animal, something of its essence transmits itself to you. You can sense how still it is and in doing so the same stillness rises within you. You can sense how deeply it rests in being, completely one with what it is and where it is, in realizing this, you too come to a place or rest deep within yourself.”
– Eckhart Tolle

This retreat has no fixed agenda

While we’ve got an array of amazing experiences and powerful practices for you each day, we highly encourage you to deeply listen to your needs moment to moment.
This retreat is not about working off another to-do-list. It is designed to support and empower you in tapping into your body’s innate inner wisdom.

We invite you to decide from a state of alignment, intuition and capacity in what activities and practices you participate. Moment by moment, day by day.


– Conscious movement, meditations and pranayama (mind-based Breathwork)

– Daily group Breathwork journey (Facilitated Breath Repatterning)

– Sharing circle

– Elemental resonance rituals or practices

– Practices for reflection, expression and integration

– Time in nature & community


– Opening and closing ceremony

– Workshops

The space – your home & cocoon

Our retreat venue is the beautiful Palmas Lodge close to Aljezur in the Algarve. A quiet and grounding place in the midst of nature and close to Vale Figueiras beach (one hour walk).

We aim to do most of our practices and rituals outside and in nature. For our Breathwork journeys we will come together in the exclusive and beautiful yoga space.

Our private chef will ensure that we are well-nourished with colorful, healthy, and delicious meals. We can accommodate any dietary preferences. Each day will feature tea, infused water, and fruits in the morning, followed by a hearty brunch after our morning practice, a satisfying afternoon snack, and a comforting dinner to conclude the day.

The bedrooms each feature a private bathroom and a small terrace. There are 2 private rooms and 3 shared rooms available.

The venue is approximately 75-90 minutes away from Faro Airport. We can assist you in organizing a taxi

Your facilitators

Linda and I met three years ago in a life-changing Breathwork training on the magical island Bali. Since then, our bond has evolved beyond friendship into working together with a big passion and dedication to Breathwork.

We can both wholeheartedly say that our lives have changed drastically – with some major inner and outer life shifts – since we started working with the breath.

We both have extensive experience and received training in various modalities such as Yoga, Bodywork, Holistic Health, Emotional Release and Energy Work. When we work together, it always feels like an easy flow as we complement each other beautifully.

It’s an honor for us to lead others on their unique journey of rediscovering their authenticity, strength, balance, clarity, gentleness and expression.


This retreat is an exclusive and intimate retreat with maximum 8-10 participants. 

– 6 days/ 5 nights in a private or shared room
– Tea, infused water and fruits
– Nourishing brunch, light afternoon snack and a wholesome dinner
– Daily Breathwork & Movement practices
– Rituals and elemental work supporting deeper connection
– Workshops, time in nature and joyful community activities
– A welcome gift for each participant 

– Flights
– Insurance
– Airport transport
– Additional activities, drinks or meals outside of the retreat venue and program

– Private room: 2200 Euro
– Shared room: 1900 Euro

To secure your spot at the retreat a deposit of 50% needs to be paid immediately and is non-refundable. 

The remaining balance needs to be paid latest by July 15th, 2024. The full amount needs to be paid if you book your spot after that date. 

– 100% refund of the remaining balance for cancellations 45+ days before retreat start date.
– 50% refund of the remaining balance for cancellations 44-30 days before retreat start date.
– 0% deposit refund of the remaining balance for cancellations 0-29 days before retreat start date.

Please note: To ensure this retreat aligns with your current physical, mental, and emotional state, a pre-booking call and completion of an intake form are required.

Kindly note that Linda and I are not medical doctors or trained psychologists. Your health and well- being remains solely your responsibility. If you have any concerns, please consult with your doctor before engaging in any Breathwork and Movement practices during the retreat.

Your Retreat Experience

Please send me an email if you are interested in joining the retreat. We will schedule a video call in order to get to know each other, to clarify any questions and to discuss your intentions and expectations.