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Pia bietet ab Juli wieder 1:1 Breathwork Sessions in Hamburg an - buche dir   hier   deinen Termin.


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My personal story

Get to know me, my story and the biggest challenges along my journey towards living the life that I live today – a life that feels truly fulfilling, deeply connected and aligned.  

Hi, I’m Pia!

I work as a Breathwork Facilitator & Life Coach. I’m a proud mama of a little daughter and feel so curious about life.

Life and especially we as human beings fascinate me deeply. I’m again and again intrigued how differently we live our lives and how each person creates their very own and unique reality. And how much internal imprints and beliefs affect how we see ourselves, others and life itself. What we believe to be possible – and what not.

For a very long time, I really wasn’t aware that there is so many different ways how to live life – and that I can choose my very own way of living and create a life for myself that feels right. From the external perspective, I had built the ‚perfect life‘ for myself: a good job, nice friends, long-term relationships and a nice flat. Internally, however, I felt completely different…

The life I lived felt neither fulfilling nor aligned – and like I was living up to what other people wanted for me.

I continuously felt tense, stressed and under pressure. Wasn’t really capable to unwind and relax, experienced strong back pain, irregular menstrual cycles and sleep problems. I lost my joy for life and felt empty on the inside.

What I did every day, didn’t fulfill me at all. At the same time, I felt that there MUST be more – more depth, more purpose and more meaning. Thus, I began to question my life and the choices I had made.

The turning point was a sabbatical that I embarked on in 2017: far away from home, backpacking in Asia, it took weeks to finally unwind and slow down. I realized that I couldn’t continue living this way and suddenly saw for the first time how unhappy, burned out and tired I was – and that something needed to change.

An intense time period began with lots of shifts and changes. 

Yoga, meditation and spirituality become important tools for me that gave me stability and strength in my journey of looking for answers to the big questions of life: ‚Who am I‘, ‚Why am I here‘ and ‚What life do I truly desire‘. I found myself again and again returning to Bali where I eventually ended up learning about Breathwork for the first time.

Breathwork opened me up in ways that I could have never imagined. 

Unlearning what isn’t you, to remember what is.

I can wholeheartedly say that Breathwork and working with the nervous system fundamentally changed my life.

These practices helped me understand how dysregulated my nervous system was. Why I experienced reoccurring states of depression, anxiety and panic attacks… and that it doesn’t have to be this way.

That it’s possible to live a different life – connected to my body and its signals, connected to my heart and its desires, connected to my emotions and guided by my intuition.

It was – and continuous to be – a deep process of ‘UNLEARNING’ and ‘REMEMBERING’. Which isn’t always easy, but so worth it!

“The freedom of mankind does not lie in the fact that we can do what we want, but that we do not have to do that which we do not want.”

Jean-Jaques Rousseau

Give your soul a chance to shape your life.

Today I know, how free I am. I feel like I’ve finally arrived within myself and no longer seek for answers on the outside.

I feel connected to myself, my body and my heart. Connected to my soul and guided by life.

And live, create, grow from this place.

It is a completely different life experience and I’m beyond grateful for this journey that feels like a coming home to myself.  We all deserve to remember how free we are. And to live in a way that feels truly aligned and fulfilling – whatever that means for you personally.

It is my hope and prayer that my story and experiences inspire you to begin your own journey.

I look forward to connect and work with you!

With love,

My qualifications & experience

Over the years, I’ve trained in different modalities and practices which all shaped how I work today:

Trainings & Education
  • Breathwork Practitioner & Circle Lead,
    Breathwork Bali
  • Integrative Life Trust Coach,
    Homodea/Veit Lindau
  • Emotional Release Practitioner,
    Emotional Release Institute
  • “The Deeper Body” Bodywork,
    Carlos Tao
  • Certified Astrologer,
    Turning of the Ages Mystery School
Additional qualifications
  • Basic Principles of Family Constellations,
    Carlo Saracino
  • Tools for Life Self Coaching,
  • Theta Healing Basic Training,
    Eugenia Flores 
  • Somatic Bodywork Basics,
    Pascal Beaumart
  • Reiki Level 1,
    Cat Wheeler
  • 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training,
    Levi Banner  
  • 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training,
    Shades of Yoga 
  • Path of Love Retreats

Additional topics that I’ve studied: Yoga Philosophy, Buddhism, Mindfulness practices, Meditation, Spiral Dynamics, Astrology, Human Design, Integral theory (Ken Wilber)

Begin your journey with me.